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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tips of The Day

 Tips of the day: Books Are Food For Your Brain

Membaca Perlu Untuk Otak Yang Sihat 

Benefits of Reading:

Reading offers benefits not found in more "passive" media. It gives the brain a much better workout than does watching television. When we watch TV, we take in the information in a passive way. But reading allows the mind to:
  • pause, reflect, think
  • operate more actively
  • use intellect and emotion together
  • develop a longer attention span.
p/s: Kalau tak sempat baca buku boleh baca paper. And kalau tak sempat baca paper baca aje Blog yang berinformative. At least Blog Santai. he..he

1. Rahsia Wanita 
7. Tawaran Menarik, Kena Cuba 


  1. ahh baca blog santai byk noe pun jenis suka membaca...bila ada masa terluang..buku la yg dicari...x kisah la buku apa2 pun...

  2. Sambil promote blog nampaknya tu hehe...

  3. Betul tu, sy mmg suka membaca.. blog santai pun sy suka, bnyk informasi dpt.. membaca sambil bersantai :)


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