It's the Perfect Time to Invest in Silver

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., July 2, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Historically, silver has a mirroring relationship to gold that is seen by its value ratio.  Right now that value ratio is extremely distorted, with today's ratio being around 57oz. of silver to 1oz. of gold. For comparison, in 2011 it was around a ratio of 20 to 1.  The current value ratio gap between gold and silver is actually far from normal, which means it will naturally correct itself as history has proven time and time again.  How will it do that?  The price of silver will likely experience a boom, naturally closing out the gap and driving investor gains up significantly; potentially outperforming gold by as much as three times.
Stephen M Smith of Smith McKenna, LLC firmly believes that the current price of silver won't last very long; leaving a small window for those to increase their silver investments, or for first time investors to learn how to invest in silver before the next precious metal boom. Smith McKenna also offers the cheapest, yet most secure investment around. 
Smith has been accurately predicting macroeconomic trends surrounding the precious metals market for the past two decades, and knows that knowledge and position in the market is everything when it comes to wealth creation opportunities.  Smith McKenna is currently offering a FREE investing guide to a limited number of people. The book supplies years of knowledge in just a couple of hours.
When the spot price of silver is in the mid $20s it presents low barriers to entry that are significantly enticing and affordable, compared to its pricier friend gold.  The price of silver bullion is expected to go up and so is demand for the industrial metal; having the potential to offer steady increases in the silver price.
Silver has around 50% of its demand from its industrial applications; from cell phones to automobiles, to its place in medical applications.  Silver's properties of being malleable, withstanding high temperatures and conductivity, separate it from other metals; making silver a leading favorite for investors.
Silver's increased industrial demand has lead to exceptionally large gaps in supply which means as an investor, it is critical to hold the physical asset of silver; rather than certificates, and stocks.  Smith McKenna is a USA based precious metal dealer and broker who offer the cheapest silver investments with no commission brokers; and are passing all savings onto the investors.
The global manufacturing outlook is very promising, with China expected to ramp up their demand significantly for industrial output.  More demand and less supply, can mean only one thing; scarcity.  Increased demand from investors and industrial applications could lead to silver prices soaring.


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