Gadis cilik paling kecil di dunia (68 cm) sedia ke sekolah

Berusia lima tahun Charlotte Garside (gambar), dari Withernsea, East Yorkshire, adalah merupakan gadis terkecil di dunia dengan ketinggian hanya 68cm tinggi dan berat 4.08 kg.  Lebih kecil daripada teddy kesukaannya. Minggu lepas, beliau menyertai kanak-kanak seusianya menghadiri kelas untuk kali pertama.

'Massive personality': World's smallest girl Charlotte Garside (centre) joins other pupils on her first day at primary school

Unique: Charlotte was born with a form of Primordial Dwarfism so rare doctors don't even have a name for it

Charlotte Garside in her new school Charlotte Garside in her new school

'Giving her a normal life': Scott and Emma feel the best way to see what Charlotte is capable of is by testing her in mainstream education

Pocket-sze: Charlotte is barely bigger than a newborn and smaller than some of her teddies

'She might look like a doll but she's made of strong stuff': Charlotte with sisters Sabrina, 12 and Sophie, eight

As well as a weakened immune system and cysts on her liver, Charlotte's mental and physical development has been delayed

'One-in-a-million baby': The five-year-old's aprents Scott Garside and Emma Newman want Charlotte to lead as normal life as possible

Tiny: Charlotte weighed less than 2lbs at birth, measured 25cm and had to be dressed in dolls' clothes

Small, but mighty: Now measuring less than 70cm, she still wears clothes for newborns and is even dwarfed by the family's pet cat

Five-year-old Charlotte Garside at home in Hull, England

Precious: Her mother Emma carried Charlotte around in the front pocket of her hoodie and put her in nappies the size of a credit card


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