Pantai tertutup terbesar di dunia

Pulau tropika di Brandenburg, Jerman yang terletak di dalam bangunan mempunyai keluasan lapan padang bola. Ia adalah pantai tertutup terbesar di dunia.

It's sunny indoors: The tropical island paradise in in Brandenburg, Germany is inside a building so big it could easily fit eight football pitches

Bored with the beach? A spa, waterfall, whirlpools and water slides are just a few of the attractions inside the old airship hanger

Paradise lost (but you might find it indoors): The tropical island boasts an air temperature of 26C, with not a cloud in sight

Mempunyai lebih 50,000 jenis tumbuhan dengan keluasan lebih dari 10.000 meter persegi

Artificial tan: Beach-goers enjoy the sun, sand and sea during their visit to the countryside

The indoor tropics: There is even room for a hot air balloon (seen at the back of this image) in the indoor holiday island

'Beach resort': Fountains surround the little palaces, where you can stay overnight if it takes your fancy

Somewhere for dinner? The restaurants offer a view of the beach, rainforest, and ... a roof

Lots of room for a slide: Youngsters (and adults) can enjoy the fun of the multi-coloured slides that tower over the the 'beach' of the dome

Blue skies (if you don't look up): A basic board sells the illusion of a horizon, although there's no effort to hide the rest of the roof

View from the outside: The dome used to be a hangar for aircraft but now, although you might not think it, it contains a whole other world

Under the dome: Restaurants and even umbrellas help complete the illusion - and not a cloud in sight

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