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Monday, December 31, 2012

Wanita Terkurus Di Dunia

Bahaya Anorexia !!!

 Valeria, here aged 11, believes the roots of her condition lie with her mother, who was terrified she would grow up obese like her relatives
Valeria Levitin @ 11 tahun..Cute & Chubby

 A collect photograph of Valeria Levitin, aged 19, on holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Valeria yang kelihatan sempurna pada usia 19 tahun

Kini pada usia 39 tahun, Valeria bagaikan Rangka Berjalan 

Many foods have to be avoided because they don¿t agree with her body any more
Tinggal Tulang akibat Extreme Diet!!!


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