Umm Qarn: Hotel Mewah Untuk Kuda

Selamat datang ke hotel mewah enam bintang Qatar - untuk kuda

De Mieulle's main helper at the farm is, rather unusually, a four-year-old dog called Dago. The Labrador fetches the horses by their reins and swims behind them in the pool.

Pembantu utama De Mieulle di ladang,adalah anjing yang berusia empat tahun yang dipanggil Dago 
Each stable is kept immaculate, with gold-plated doors and sound-resistant floors imported from Germany. 
Dilengkapi pintu bersalut emas dan lantai tahan bunyi yang diimport dari Jerman.

"The pool is a good way for horses to relax after a good workout in the morning. It's just a complement to their training because if you noticed, they swim a bit like dogs, with their back legs, so it's not so good for race horses," De Mieulle adds.  
Kolam renang adalah satu cara yang baik untuk kuda berehat selepas senaman di waktu pagi. 
 "They learn to use the treadmill very quickly. It can happen that a horse gets crazy -- just like humans. But they're usually very relaxed," De Mieulle says.

Belajar menggunakan treadmill

The stud farm is owned by Qatar's former prime minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani. There is big money to be made in horse breeding, with recently retired British champion Frankel expected to fetch £100,000 ($152,000) for each offspring.

Ladang stud dimiliki oleh bekas Perdana Menteri Qatar Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani.


  1. wah sgt2 menariklah !

  2. Best kuda nikan KA...duduk kat hotel enam bintang lagi..

  3. another interesting tourism destination ^^

  4. Untunglah jadi kuda milik orang kaya...hehe

  5. Ok nanti kalu gi Qatar jangan lupa singgah sini tau Fae...

    Ha..caya tak ct..mewah ..kuda tu hotel sixth star lagi...

    Kan Okje...bertuahnya kuda tu...


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