Menang RM500 Dengan Kleenex

Gambar: Missed out on our last Polaroid camera giveaway? Don't worry, it's back!
Let your loved ones know you care today and you could win a Kleenex® Softness Pack and a Polaroid camera!

All you have to do is 'Like' our page, tag a loved one in the comments and tell him/her how much you care within 48 hours. Include #kleenexsoftness too!

We'll be rewarding 3 winners! :)

More information at 
Menang RM500 Dengan Kleenex

You all hanya perlu ‘tag’ someone dan berikan sedikit ucapan untuk dia. Kalau ucapan you all menarik, ada peluang untuk menang RM500 dan hadiah 'surprise'

Senangkan. Jomlah cuba. Mana tau ada rezekikan. Kalau you all nak tau details lagi mengenai contest ni klik SINI k. 

Good Luck Semua


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